Who’s Amy?


I’m Amy.

I blog about stuff that interests me, hoping that somebody who’s interested in the same or similar stuff will someday stop by and maybe have a conversation with me. Or with others, whichever works.

That stuff includes books, movies, TV shows, music, events, news, anything that grasps my attention for long enough to want to write about it.

I just kinda feel this need to share things. I usually do that on Twitter (you can look me up there), but there’s only so much you can say in 140 characters. Which is why God-Of-The-Internet created blogs. I used to have one in my native language, but since I mostly tweet in English and most of my friends and acquaintances know it too (albeit they may speak others as well), seems fitting to have a blog in the language of Shakespeare (and, more importantly, of guys like David Tennant or Benedict Cumberbatch).

Which is to say, I am not a native speaker of English. I apologize in advance for my poor language skills and all the mistakes I will undoubtedly make.

And who am I? I’m Amy, I live in Kraków, Poland, and the next big mar awaiting me is thirty. I have an MA degree in French Philology (language and literature) and I work in a big firm doing outsourcing for another big firm.

I am a nerd, a bibliophile, a crazy cat lady, an lgbt activist, a TV shows lover, a music fan, a feminist, an amateur writer and translator, a pansexual slightly androgynous ciswoman, a fangirl, a weirdo, an Agnostic Christian, a total package of diversity and nuts wrapped in a thin cracked layer of mental stability. I enjoy lively discussions, I have no plan whatsoever on what I wanna do with my life in the future except perhaps the nearest few months, I drink tea and wine but don’t like coffee or beer, I would like to do thousand and one things all at once and my biggest enemy is myself and my laziness, and my lack of discipline.

The quote on the header image comes from Amanda Palmer’s song “Bigger on the inside”.

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